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In the past four years CMAC has assembled an extensive coalition of entertainment stakeholders: including venues, promoters, bands, djs, food and beverage purveyors and wholesalers, and media organizations. The results of this diverse and powerful coalition have changed the very framework by which entertainment is perceived and treated in San Francisco. Among our proudest achievements are:


2013 - Western Soma Plan: CMAC advocated for and won amendments to the Western SOMA plan that for the first time in 30 years created protections for the entertainment community by making entertainment an “as of right” use and barring any additional residential on Eleventh Street between Howard and Harrison Streets. 

2013 - 11th Street BID: CMAC started  discussions on creating an 11tth street BID that can have a large voice on the look and future of development on the street.

2013 - 4 am Legislation: CMAC created the campaign, funded it, and received nearly 11,000 signatures for Mark Leno’s 4 am legislation with no notice and only 5 weeks, start to finish.  We didn’t win this one but we’ll be back in 2015 because we believe that we need to prepare our cities to meet the challenge of our new 24/7 economy. 

2013 – OEWD Industry Rep: CMAC lobbied first for the position of a citywide entertainment hire in the Office of Economic and Workforce Development and then to make sure it was funded for a full time position.

2013 - Polk Street SUD: CMAC helped  organize Polk street bars to push back against Supervisor Chui’s proposed SUD and managed to insert a five-year sunset clause on the moratorium against new bars and restaurants. 

2013 - 50/50 Interpretation: CMAC advocated for and won an agreement with the ABC to stop placing and enforcing their 50/50 interpretation definition for a Bona Fide Eating Place.

2012 - CMAC helped to defeat an attack on large-scale music events in Golden Gate Park.

2012 - Economic Impact Study – CMAC lobbied for, and eventually succeeded in bringing to fruition the city’s first ever study of “The Economic Impact of San Francisco's Nightlife Businesses”. Supervisor Scott Wiener’s first legislative effort was this landmark study and CMAC was instrumental in supporting its creation, the participation of stakeholders and dissemination to the public. The results were astounding. Despite the non-inclusion of outdoor events and all-ages indoor venues, this limited sample nonetheless demonstrated that entertainment is a crucial economic driver in San Francisco’s economy to the tune of $4.2 billion and more than 50,000 jobs. Stay tuned for the companion EIS, likewise sponsored by Weiner, that for the first time will study the economic impact of large scale outdoor events.

Ongoing - CMAC is assisting Pacific Institute for research and evaluation with an unprecedented 6-year (to date) study of alcohol and drug use at nightlife venues. The study aims to develop empirical data that will assist nightlife professionals in improving patron safety through better employee training 

2010 - Defeat of the Alcohol Tax: In 2010, CMAC helped lead a coalition that defeated a proposed local alcohol tax that would have disproportionately impacted smaller businesses

2010 - Statewide Understanding of Infused Beverages: CMAC assisted State Senator Mark Leno in an effort that stopped the California Alcoholic Beverage Control Department’s overregulation of infused beverages.

2010 - CMAC  led a coalition of public and private stakeholders to push back against an unprecedented ABC crackdown on long-held and beloved music venues based on a dubious interpretation of ABC foodservice guidelines. Since this time, CMAC has remained a vigilant defender of the specific rights of music venues and a welcome resource to ABC to communicate questions, regulation changes and concerns to our member base

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